Graduation. New Car.

As of yesterday morning I am a college graduate. I possess a college degree in business management. I think that was probably the longest two years of my life. Constantly to the grind. Constantly trying to make sure that work was at work, school was on lunch break, and home life was home life. Keeping this balance has kept me neutral in stress and always having an outlet.

I was terribly worried I wouldn’t pull off my 4.0…. I did! This last semester kicked my ass. History is just not my thing in the least and it was very very trying. My final in political science was completely avoided until the last second….because I was afraid that would be my game changer….turns out I did just fine.

Our graduation gift was a new car. Lucy has been dying to get a frozen jeep–I went across town on my lunch break to get the damn thing. In the end. Its just money–I can’t take it to the grave. AND I bought her a used car that doesn’t work (will return)..For a two year old she was so incredibly cool about it that I immediately hung up the used search and decided it was worth every penny. It now has to be put together and that is going to be interesting!

I have a 14 day break until my next two year gig starts and right in the middle of everything it feels like exactly where we are is exactly where we are meant to be.  I have finally did what I thought I would never do and I have finally come to the happiest of places with myself. It is what it is. I rock as a mom. My kid rocks. We are doing this!

Tonight I go on my first date night ever paying for a sitter. EVER. I have left her a few times with my BFF or her mom and mostly just for a few hours…Tonight I will pay someone to come to my house so I can go be with my cloud9. I am super super nervous, not sure why, but I am.

Time appears to have stopped today. I am not sure what that is about. I am hoping to leave early but unsure that is going to take place.

graduation. cars.



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