I didn’t ask for this. 

The struggle is real today. I feel like I’ve been swallowed whole by the universe and I am all alone. 

-I didn’t ask for this-

My once knight in shining armor or retard in tinfoil has become my worst nightmare. As soon as I get unhung from that idea it seems to slap me again. Right. In. The. Face. 

-I didn’t ask for this-

Our daughter could be celiac. Could not be. But definitely has a gluten issue. The testing for celiac is 6 weeks exposure to heavy gluten….sorry but our two year old cannot do that. It’s crippling to her and she pukes and poops everywhere. We agree.  Treatment plan for 4 weeks is to try to get her to gain weight. 3 bottles of pediasure a day. No worries that’s roughly $150 every two weeks. No worries. We eat extreme gluten free that is fairly costly. No worries. Right? 

I feel so alone.

-I did not ask for this-

Is this ever going to away? Somedays I am successfully super mom and other days I am falling apart at the seams. I just want a coparent relationship that both have the kid in mind. 

-I did not ask for this-

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