I haven’t slept much in a week. Not sure why. Not sure how. Its not because I am not tired. I am beyond exhausted. I have not increased caffeine. Still my one cup of glorious coffee a day and then water. This week water with lemon because I was getting bored with water.

Last night I did a 20 minute work out and watched a few more minutes of TV than normal hoping being extra tired I would be able to sleep. Not the case. But I feel the work out this morning.

I woke up this morning at 6:16 after not going to sleep until 4:30. I had a whopping 12 minutes to get ready for work before I needed to be waking Lucy. To my surprise Lucy woke up on her own and started dancing to my music as if she had never been asleep to begin with….but it was her snoring that kept me from drifting. The sweetest. Cutest. Most lovely. Sound in all the world. I just cannot get enough of her. Who knew that even almost 2 years into this parenting thing that EVERY day I would fall more in love with my child. (That’s another post.) Lucy proceeded to dance and not want to get dressed. We eventually completed the getting dressed task and continued to battle every task after. We both made it to school and work. on time.

It’s 8:28 and I still feel like I am dragging sass. I look like a hot mess and am struggling to function. Half of my programs I need are not working so working really isn’t an option. Other than piddly things. I am sleepless.


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