In the last week I have finished up two courses leading me into my 2nd to last 8 week session before graduation. I have gotten divorced. I have slept unexpectedly outside with 8 kids. I have gone to a toddlers birthday party. I have gone to a 5 year olds birthday on a week night. And I fear going bankrupt because my almost 2 year old will not stop eating peas. yes. PEAS.

We have been so busy! I often don’t know where time has gone and I feel terrible. We have had tons of fun and lots of time together but dang! I really just want to spend a weekend at home with little or nothing going on….but its birthday season! We had another birthday last night and we have one on Friday. Things should chill out by the first week of April–that sounds so crazy to say considering it doesn’t even feel like March and we are half way through it.

Friday we finalized our divorce and surprisingly I was stoic. I have little to no feels about it. I really wanted to have a grand good cry goodbye and that didn’t come. I feel so at peace. And surprisingly he was upset. Even though he could go home to his tramp? I ran errands like it was a normal day and I cleaned the house. I couldn’t waste a day off. I also took time to sew and lay on the couch. I found it mildly interesting that I had to have the *perfect* dress to undo a time that I thought I had found the perfect dress…. My wedding dress was perfect! Absolutely amazing! And so was my divorce dress. A dress that is going back to the store. One I will never have to consider wearing again. Even if it was perfect.

Today. I will work. And tonight I will have peas for dinner with my pea monster and we will play. The house is a disaster and my closet has been torn apart for weeks (winter clothing needs put up and summer to be found). All of that aside. Even if I have spent everynight for two weeks with my little and we have had tons of fun outside. I miss my girl. I want to no do dishes and not cook. I want to play play play. Because “mommy its playtime”.



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